Who we are

WASEU is a business association that supports small-scale local entrepreneurs to plan, build and sustain WASH businesses. It was founded in 2015 with the goal of advocating for an enabling environment for WASH entrepreneurs in Uganda and builds sustainable markets for water, sanitation, and hygiene products and services in Uganda. It operates at the national and/or local level and builds and maintains strong relationships between government, NGOs involved in the WASH sector, local businesses and financing institutions. Within this network WASEU promotes the interests of WASH entrepreneurs and contributes to the develop.  Members of WASEU can also gain access to technical and business training, mentorship, ongoing support, funding opportunities and a professional network.

Why we work with businesses?

WASEU’s rests on the fundamental premise that private businesses can play an invaluable role in providing sustained access to improved water and sanitation to low-income households. Consequently, we invest strategic support to help private businesses to sell more affordable, desirable products and services to traditionally un-served consumers. WASEU engages private sector businesses as key partners in accelerating improved WASH access. By working with the private sector, WASEU supports two fundamental programmatic objectives:

  • Sustainability: WASEU supports businesses to sell affordable, desirable products and services to low-income households where they can do so profitably, sustaining and growing their businesses over time (and after our interventions cease).
  • Scalability: WASEU encourages greater user investment in improved sanitation and works with local businesses to respond to this new demand. After initial investments to catalyze the new market, on-going program investments are kept to a minimum. Supported by local government, the private market can grow as more businesses replicate new product and service models or expand into new markets.