Membership benefits

Our members enjoy access to many resources, including:

  • Marketing support to reach new clients.
  • Education resources to help WASH entrepreneurs to sustain and grow their businesses.
  • Advocacy on issues important to WASH businesses.
  • Networking opportunities to get to know other WASH entrepreneurs.

Membership categories

Generally, the members of WASEU can be classified as follows:

  1. Individual entrepreneurs-these usually engage in offering simple WASH products and services that do not require high investments. For instance, repairing and installation of water pipes, toilets and bathrooms. They can act as masons, plumbers and traders and thus generate income.
  2. Small scale enterprises enterprises (SMEs) – these differ from individual entrepreneurs in the number of employees and turnover, which is much bigger than that of individual entrepreneurs.
  3. Medium sized and large companies– these are larger and more formal companies that offer more sophisticated water and sanitation products and services.
  4. Associations-these are existing associations of WASH entrepreneurs e.g Associations for hand pump mechanics and associations of manual pit-emptiers

Member sectors

  • Manual pit latrine emptiers
  • Masons
  • Building contractors
  • Cesspool pit emptier owners
  • Importers and wholesalers of construction materials
  • Prefabricated concrete producers
  • Waste pickers and recyclers
  • Waste collection companies
  • Plastic cycling companies
  • Scrap recyclers
  • Hand pump mechanics
  • Fabricators